Why Porto is a great citybreak for Illustrators!

Ola! I’ve just come back from a trip to Porto, Portugal and OH MY this is an excellent spot for creatives to take a citybreak! Full of contemporary galleries, spots to have a cod croquette, a beer and draw - Porto should be on every Illustrators list to go and visit.

Location drawing is a great practicing tool to utilise when out and about in Porto. There are beautiful ornate buildings, people having a cold drink, and lots and lots of dogs!

Where to Visit?

1. Ó! Galeria 


Ó! Galeria is one of the best small galleries I’ve been to. Full of original artworks that cover the walls in a controlled messy explosion of texture and colour, the gallery sells local and regional artist’s work in sizes varying from post-it-notes to a0 screen-prints. If you don’t fancy grabbing an original, the middle isles are full of affordable postcards, riso-prints and zines.

2. Serralves 

Serralves is a beautiful park, gallery and contemporary art museum located just outside of the city centre (we got a bus).

Featuring modern artists, film makers and designers from Porto, Brazil, France etc - Serralves is a whole day experience. We visited when the ‘Pink House’ (a beautiful architectural building cast in a powder pink) had a display of Joan Miró’s work (some he created whilst staying in Porto), worth the visit alone. 

Psst! - If you’re a student you can get a ticket to the whole place for 10 EURO (20 otherwise).


If you love great coffee and enjoy flicking through cookbooks/magazines - head to Manna to enjoy both. Serving speciality coffee and brunch, we loved hopping in here to escape the sun. The area also has lots of cool vintage shops and cheap bars!

There are plenty more reasons to visit porto as a creative but this should be enough to get any creative excited to visit such a beautiful (and affordable) city! 

See ya! x


Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! I’m SUPER excited to announce I’m starting a blog all about the ups and downs of being a visual creative!

What can you expect?

- Project highlights!
- Opinions on the world of Illustration and the creative arts
- Behind the scenes snapshots and footage!
- My ACE funding journey*
- Helpful hints and top tips
- Interviews with other artists (chatting all things Illu)!

*As some of you might know, I was recently awarded Developing Your Creative Practice funding from Arts Council England. As part of my journey, I have decided to document the process and show exactly what I’m doing with the funding on this little blog! I hope it can help inspire and energise a few more people to apply, as I’m really chuffed to spend the next year exploring my illustrative abilities.

See ya! x